Occupier Services

Our Occupier Services extend from the simple to the complex – all based on our clients’ needs. Our National Team provides our clients the Control, Consistency, and Confidence required in their real estate portfolio performance. 

Whether creating cost reductions, strategic planning, increasing operating efficiencies, portfolio administration, stronger budgeting, and business support, maximizing surplus asset values, work place solutions, or all of the above, our team will advise on and implement these solutions on behalf of our clients. 

As we create value on behalf of our clients, we help design it, measure it, execute it, and report on it. This simple, though regularly overlooked client service, insures continuous review and improvements to all aspects of the real estate portfolio and transaction management process

We are not just a vendor, but a partner, and we do not view, nor treat, portfolio optimization and transaction management (and related real estate services) as a commodity. With real estate being one of the largest expenses for most businesses, we believe that when developed and implemented strategically, real estate can and should align with and enable the success of the overall business goals of the organization.  This is especially true with changing business conditions and the possible stress that it can place on an organization’s expanding or contracting facility needs. 

SVN provides a world-class full-service capability to meet your needs.  Our Principals have been responsible for global outsourcing and consulting practices with Tier 1 real estate services firms in both public and private sectors during the last 30 years. This experience encompasses over 300 major corporate clients, 650m square feet under management, lead responsibility for regional, national, and global clients, and business leaders in this space for over 30 years.