Corporate Business Interiors (CBI)

Corporate Business Interiors (CBI) is a leading contract office furniture resource and is the largest Allsteel dealer in California. CBI is family owned with many years of experience in providing concept-to-completion office solutions for an array of organizations both national and international, offering Allsteel and other fine quality brands of furniture as well as DIRTT flexible wall systems.                                                                                                                                                                Founded in 1980, CBI understands there is more to furnishing an office than furniture; the client wants complete solutions delivered by trained and responsive individuals that provide outstanding products and unparalleled services.


The team was hired to provide and in-depth market survey, a cost / benefit analysis and transactional negotiations for a new location in the heart of the Irvine Business Center near John Wayne Airport. CBI needed a “hybrid” space to function as a high end showroom while still accommodating a workforce of sales professionals and support staff. It was also crucial for CBI’s location to be in close proximity to major businesses, a deep base of amenities such as hotels and restaurants and a major airport.


Starting with a detailed financial analysis, our team prepared an accurate budget for CBI, so they could fully understand all costs involved with opening a new office that required a Class “A” feel and high-end improvements.

We then undertook a thorough review of the market, relying on existing knowledge of “Shadow Space” that contained a creative feel and above standard improvements.

Having narrowed our search to two locations our team expertly leveraged each alternative to achieve the best possible economic package.

The new location is on the 5th floor of the MacArthur Plaza Building in Irvine, CA, with a transaction size of 8,500 square feet.


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December 12, 2018