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Performance Fibers announced the closing of one of their manufacturing sites in New Hill, Chatham County, North Carolina. The company wanted to accelerate the disposition of the property and compress the time and carrying costs from the “soon to be” non-core real estate asset.


Our team created a strategic marketing plan and redevelopment strategy that transformed the property into the Moncure-Jordan Lake Innovation Park, a mixed-use sustainable, logistics and supply-chain, advanced research and industrial park.

It was recommended that they explore a solar installation on the property that will power future users and differentiate the property.  The plan also recommended subdividing the property into multiple economic units to attract multiple market segments of users.


By incorporating the recommended marketing strategy, the property went from a closing plant site to a newly repositioned property with valuable, distinguishable features, new users for the property, a community hub, economic development zone (Certified Super Park by Duke Energy), and with sustainable solar power for new users.

The execution of the marketing strategy is in process and attracting multiple users to the newly rebranded site. This strategy added significant value to the property and has created a new perception of this site as an exciting green technology manufacturing, logistics, and research location in the Southeastern United States. The property is under contract and will close before the plant is decommissioned.


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December 12, 2018