Coca Cola Atlanta Syrup Branch

The project objective was to complete Phase I and Phase II of 4 significant facility improvements planned by Coca Cola Atlanta Syrup Branch, while not interrupting the daily operations.


To identify opportunities to improve overall production utilizing space efficiency and space optimization. Construction included removal of exterior facade and structure in the receiving and shipping dock areas. This phase was implemented to minimize interruptions to normal operations and expanded the plants interior by approximately 67,000 SF.

Phase 2 was the completion of the interior of the facility and included demolition and replacement of approximately 30,000 sf of interior concrete slab. In addition an Aluma Shield metal wall panel system was erected to provide the north and south filling rooms. The construction was achieved through the use of temporary partitions which minimized the impact on the daily production levels. Subgrade piping systems and a complete electrical switchgear installation was incorporated to facilitate the new production lines


Coca-Cola Atlanta Syrup Branch receiving/shipping dock areas and filling stations improved production of the syrup product. As well as eased the handling of the product by increasing the size of the shipping area. Award winning industrial design systems.


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December 12, 2018