Intuit’s new website or data center is designed and built around “world class” standards.  They have looked to our team to provide coordination between the contractors and designers and consultants specific to this 12,000 foot state-of-the art facility.  Our role was critical to the data center’s implementation into the ongoing construction.


The first phase consisted of providing development management services for Intuit’s new 135,000 square foot San Diego facility.

Two years later, Intuit contracted with our team for another 71,000 square feet. The newest facility will house Intuit’s first national website. Our services were then expanded to include design and construction management services.


Through Staubach’s efforts of negotiation with local homeowners, the project, which was all but dead by the developer efforts, was revived and ultimately approved. Because of data center design changes, the building permit was effecting the rest of the project. Staubach suggested and implemented the separation of the data center portion of the permit with the City, and subsequently, resubmitted it separately keeping the permit and the rest of the project on schedule.

Staubach pushed the designers and contractor into studying value-engineering ideas ultimately resulting in savings to Intuit of well over $150,000.


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December 12, 2018