Our team was responsible for driving the overall performance for Kaiser Permanente on a national basis. The Kaiser portfolio at the time encompassed over 50m sf of which 40m sf was located in CA.


In addition to our Account Management organization, which required a team of over 10 account managers, we developed strategies for Kaiser for the following portfolio aspects:  Administration and IT locational planning; defining Kaiser’s “strategic assets”; identifying their special purpose facilities; lease vs. own analysis; build to suit vs. existing asset analysis; synthetic lease analysis, plans to enhance the coordination between real estate, operations, legal and related business units; whether establishing a Kaiser REIT was prudent; whether to centralize or decentralize real estate processes; whether to outsource additional services or restructure internal, and real estate strategic planning.


On average we completed over 4.5m sf and 135 projects per year. Our program was extremely successful and we continually brought best practices to a team that was more transactional in training.


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December 12, 2018