United Technologies

When UTC’s contract with USI terminated, UTC hired our team as the team leader and consultant to manage the RFP and Selection process on behalf of UTC for their 40m Carrier portfolio. This project encompassed writing the RFP, organizing and evaluating proposals from CBRE, JLL, C&W, C&W and other global providers. Scope of services included negotiating pricing, legal agreements, individuals on the vendor team, transition schedules, and decision processes.


UTC Realty, Inc. in the U.S. was given the task to integrate the EMEA portfolio into the UTC Realty portfolio with total oversight and management.

Our firm was hired to define the locations in each country, build and identify the portfolio (as size and components were unknown), and manage both the administration of the portfolio along with the account management reporting to UTC in CT.


While UTC believed there might be 1,500 locations in EMEA, our team defined where over 5,000 locations existed.

All leases were abstracted (translations required), and our primary program leadership was established in Paris and the program was ran for over five years with great success


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December 12, 2018